Tuesday, October 13, 2009

"Is it because I is black?"

The world certainly is a strange place.
When things don't go your way naturally, there seems to be unnatural ways to achieve what you want.
One of the oldest strategies in history, is still pretty much alive and kicking... with a modern twist:

A man in Spain, said he's been paid a nice sum of money to cripple Ronaldo. Well, maybe not cripple, but get him seriously injured; injured enough for him to spend more time recovering than playing.

Well, nothing new there, one may think - after all, there are many rival players keen to send CR to the infirmary, if they get the chance. However, this man is not a footballer. He is not even going near a Stadium. He also does not intend on running him over or whacking Ron on the kneecaps with a baseball bat - no, not this man.

This man is a warlock, or so he claims. Thus, according to this Spanish video, he will be using a much more horrifying weapon against the Real Madrid start and current best football player in the world - a black DILDO...

I guess that's why they call it "black-magic". I'm not sure which part of  Ronaldo's body his voodoo is aiming at but this is no laughing matter - Ronaldo has been injured for a couple of weeks, played last week for 25 minutes and is out again for about 3 to 4 weeks. It seems to be working. If only the sdark sorcerer could take care of the mccs too...

UPDATE 21.10.'09

According to this, Xamans in Peru are fighting back the black magic from the Spanish warlock, with their best xamanic magic - a few photos, candels, pan-flutes, and lots os cheering for Ronaldo and jeering for the man-witch...

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