Thursday, February 26, 2009


No use applying for the job, you nutters, the ad is from last century... 1999 - nothing like old fashioned crazy...

I definitely fit the profile. I wonder if they pay in bananas...

Saturday, February 21, 2009


Bloguistan's opinion matters as much to Hollywood as Hollywood's award-decisions to Bloguistan, therefore, without further adoo, here is Bloguistan's official-and-not-getting-paid-to-say-this list of the best films (ripped) in 2008, IMO:

1 Changeling (also Best Actress -Angelina Jolie - best director obviously Clint Eastwood)
2 Burn After Reading (best original screenplay)
3 Blindness

...really thorn between E-Wall and Kung Fu Panda... so they both win, like in the Olympics.

Other films may win the night of the Oscars but the number of ilegal downloads it's what really counts. Millions of people all over the planet can't be wrong.

There. Whatever you say its wrong and you have terrible breath. And stinky feet. Haha.

Friday, February 20, 2009


UPDATE 13.03.'09

J. Mourinho accused of punching a Man. U. supporter after the C.L. tie at Old Trafford this week.

Well, it's not nice but I wouldn't blame him for teaching someone some manners.

Doesn't seem that man was waiting for Mourinho to ask for an autograph, instead seems like he was asking for trouble; and if anything did happen, he's totally responsible for it, as it was public that Mour would be having wine with Alex Fergunson, so...

After the way José Mourinho defended his dog, (same doggedly way he defends his teams), people should know better...

One thing is clear - Mourinho is special. The media frenzy around him proves it. His frustrated, jealous detractors, jumping at every (rare) defeat, like it's a biblical disaster, proves it. The unheard uproar after he left Chelsea and the title-draught and manager serial-sacking that followed his departure from FC Porto and Chelsea proves it. The number of titles already under his belt proves it. Not having lost a single match in domestic competitions for over two tears on home-turf proves it.

Italians are showing to be such a bunch of whining little girls because all their teams have been sent home by English teams. You can make MOURINHO (copy-paste, am tired of seeing his name misspelled) the scapegoat and bad-mouth him all you want, but he's bound to win the Serie A, in his first year again. He's working miracles with that average team out of the once-mighty Italian league, so shuttupa your face.

Like it or not, J. Mourinho is SPECIAL. And he's just starting.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Mour of the Same

In spite of the Credit Crunch, some people are faring rather well. Namely those that were wise enough to put money on Scolari not winning anything at Chelsea and being fired before the end of the season - I salute those who won the bet. I outta have placed a bet myself - it was money in the bank. Literally.

But Scolari himself is laughing all the way to the bank. And if he's smart, to a golden retirement. No one needs another proof that Scolari is largely overrated.

I have a new bet, though - I BET they miss the Special One, Mourinho, at Stanford Bridge...