Saturday, November 08, 2008

Peep Show

For those unlucky enough to be unfamiliar with the brilliant Channel 4's comedy, the show it's about two brits with bad teeth who share an apartment, and their relationship with other brits with bad dental care.

As peep show viewers, we have access to their inner thoughts and the hilarious situations they get into.

A must see, a million-laughs TV comedy and a loud cry for an orthodontist!

Monday, November 03, 2008


There hasn’t been many times in my short life that I felt like history was in the making, right before our lives. There has been a few isolated events but nothing of this sort. There has been few men in history that have brought such a stir and such a seemingly unstoppable wave of worldwide support and expectation, with so little. Such man is a mere candidate running for the presidency of the good old U.S. of A. That man has been liked to John F. Kennedy, the first and last American President to move the world opinion and being herald to the level of pop star.Such man is Obama. Barack Obama. 'Nough said.

If this man was running for the hypothetical role of World Chairman instead of President of the USA, he would win by a landslide, no doubt about it.Being the US, he still has to run against prejudice and some darn stale pilgrims, as well.

Nevertheless, he seems to be winning.This is already a major victory for the US, and if Obama does win, then it will be a major victory not only for him and America, but for the all world, for it will mean that humanity is slowly but steadily advancing towards its adulthood...That's why I'm not concerned if Obama-president will not fulfil all the (high) expectations, as change does not happen overnight.

What I'm concerned about is that like Kennedy, Obama may find a premature end...However, if Barack Obama stands for something, he stands for HOPE - the kind of hope that brings people together and a better world. Thus, I would like to say: "Ich bin ein Barack Obama supporter"!
Go Obama! Win it for us!

It's time. See you in the Oval office.

Saturday, November 01, 2008

Algarve is All This & Much More

Spoiler: Left out the sunny beaches and the gastronomy, and other typical sights such as lobster-red boozy tourists and girls in thongs...