Saturday, June 28, 2008

The Final Countdown

So, Germany vs Spain it is...
The red and yellow altfit have been looking impressive from the get-go, managing to beak the quarter-finals' curse that had been hoding them back for so long...

The white and ballack team have been exactly what everybody expected from them, except in the game against Croatia, but that was merit of the boys in checkers.
They wil have to play better than their topless team though...

So, may the best team (stil standing) win the final of Euro 2008 tomorrow.

Ps - It may go either way, but I still think Germany will take the title, which is probably for the best, because who needs the cocky spanish even more cocky than they already are? :P

Sunday, June 22, 2008

It's 11 Agaist 10 Then Germany Wins

I wasn't that wrong in my early predictions - Portugal was not a leading favourite and the tournment surprise is coming from the East: Russia - I ventured Poland, didn't miss by much.
As for Portugal, had me going there in the first two matches, but it was too good to be true; the team showed it's true collors and was punished severelly by Germany, that didn't even need to push the envelope to beat an amatourish deffense and a blundering goal-keeper that only looks good against England...

It was a well deserved defeat, made even more pitifull by the lacluster display of Ronaldo, who was virtually absent from much of the Euro... probably because his feet were still in Manchester while is head was already in Madrid.

Dear Mr. Abramovitch, if you are reading this, it's still not too late - buy Scolari a one-way ticket to Siberia...
Who knows, maybe Guus Hiddink will trade the Russian national team for a russian-owned team...

Turkey and Russia are indeed the most surprising and thrilling sides of the Tournement, the first with the 3 consecutive come-backs (against Switzerland, Czech Republic and Croatia), although I do not believe the die-hard turks wil do it again vs Germany; but the Russians take the cake, with the most entertaining and exciting football so far, trashing the allmighty Dutch on all counts!

It's easy to say so now, but I had the secret whish and a certain belief that they would do go through as they did, and I would love to see them win the final, now that Portugal is out... but my money is either on Germany or Italy, am affraid...

Oh well, at least we were the virtual champions of the Euro...

Sunday, June 15, 2008

The Hills Are Alive With the Sound of Goaaallll!!!

...And of the news of Scolari leaving after the tournment, which is all the press is on and on about.
Damn Scolari and Chelsea, who cares, only the Brits who have nothing better to live for as, and this is always good to remind, they did not get their ticket for the Euro 2008!

Anyways, re Scolari, I won't miss him at all, and the team will get over him as well, although can't see yet who can replace him, as all Portuguese first choice managers are busy already, but we'll worry about that later - that's just why this was not the best time to bring this subject up.
Enough about that, then.

Portugal just got its odds upgraded, but I don't change a thing to what I said previously - Portugal is NOT the prime candidate to win the tournement yet, although it's now in the front 4 candidates.
They do need to improve their deffending and scoring to live up to their full potential, but like Obama says "Yes, we CAN"!!!

Sunday, June 08, 2008

In Style

Could have been 5, but 2 goals were more than enough to secure a solid win and a great exhibition from the team!

The lads put our minds at ease, they performed as a team, not as “stars”, so we may go all the way indeed and do the final waltz in Vienna, if they keep it up! And they proved in the opening game they sure can dance...

The Czecs will need more than luck in their next game...

Força Portugaaal!!!

Saturday, June 07, 2008

Euro We Go Again

A few hours away from the initial whistle that will kick-off Euro2008 and Portugal's first game, the general expectations are mildly optimistic. Portugal has a few good players, including the more than likely next best world payer, C. Ronaldo, but they are a very young team and one that doesn't function so well as a group, so they are not very high on the favorites list.

Teams like Germany, France and Italy are in much better place and are the chronic candidates to final victory, although The Netherlands and Spain are quite formidable contenders, with a realistic chance to lift the Cup. I'd say Portugal comes next in line, along with perhaps Croatia.

Nevertheless, we never know with Euros won already by "outsiders" such as Denmark and Greece... so who knows, maybe this year it's Poland's turn...

Whatever happens in the end, Portugal is already the champion in the league of supporters, as the squad is always surrounded by scores of excited fans, like no other team.
Let's hope the players know how to return the same commitment and we may have a real team instead of stuck up primadonas.