Thursday, October 22, 2009


Speaking of money, those greedy, selfish, money-grabbing pillocks who are attempting to sue Gonçalo Amaral and render him penniless and silent, can SUE ME as well.
G.A. is not - but I am publicly accusing them of being LIERS and FRAUDSTERS - probably the most contemptible in History!!! The only search they're doing is for MONEY!!!

I am also straightforwardly accusing the McCanns of being responsible of whatever happened to Madeleine! This is no speculation; they have left 3 very small and defenceless children completely alone!!!

They lied to the Police; they lied to the press; they lied and continue to lie to the public!
They lie shamelessly on camera, for goodness sake, and they keep getting away with it!
"There are no evidences that Madeleine is dead, or that we are, in anyway involved in her death". LIES!

People who have gone back on their word "We will stay in Portugal until Maddeleine is found" and "will fully cooperate with the Police", contradicted themselves "Krugel, of the University of Bloemfontein,...spent four days in Praia da Luz following a request for assistance from Madeleine's parents, Kate and Gerry McCann.

'He clearly identified an area of the beach where Madeleine may have passed through or was buried,' a close friend of the McCanns said yesterday.
Krugel's report of his findings to Portuguese detectives eventually led to British officers being asked to bring in sniffer dogs to supplement the search for Madeleine. The subsequent reaction of the dogs to Kate's clothing - the so-called scent of death - led to the couple being declared formal suspects over the death of their daughter." - people who have not a shred of evidence to support an abduction whatsoever but insist on that point like there's no tomorrow... well, what credibility this sort of people have?
Why should we take their word without questioning?
Why shouldn't we trust the official report and its conclusions, gathered after months of diligences by the police and forensic forces of Britain and Portugal?
Why not re-open the investigation instead?

Isn't that what the Police is for?

I swear - If Gonçalo Amaral is forced to pay a cent to those suspects, that will be day of total discredit for Portugal. I will leave the country and move to Spain.

Ps - SLB has given a good-old drumming to Everton. The toffees proved to be too sweet for the Luz red-devils... 5 - Nill was the hefty result that put to shame the indecent marketing of Madeleine's disapearence.
Evertonians drinking in Lisbon, wearing a few t-shirts with an outdated photo,  is NOT the way to move forward. There is only one way - make the McCanns re-open the Investigation.

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