Sunday, October 18, 2009

Discover the Discovery of the Discoverer

Gonçalo Amaral is not the only Portuguese who is having trouble publishing his book in English - yet for diferent reasons.

A man who has dedicated 18 years of his own private time and funds, to the study of one of the most famous but yet less well known man in history, has been trying for over 3 years to publish an English version of his now two books.

Without giving out too much information that could spoil your pleasure of discovery, the books are about the Discoverer of the New World - the man known as Cristopher Colombus.

The author's name is Manuel Rosa, he was born in the Azores but has been living in the States since he was 12.
His first book, in Portuguese, was a success and is currently sold out. His second book is going to have a Spanish edition, but he's still to find a publisher willing to do an English edition.

So what's the beef?
Well, his is not a conventional history of the famous navigator that re-discovered America in 1492. His findings are actually threatning to shake the foundations of American History and everything we thought we knew about the Age of Discoveries.

Well, not everybody was that surprised - some people in Portugal had an idea of the truth - and not only scholars. Oral tradition has kept the story of the Navigator alive, around the place of his alleged birth.

The real shock, however, is reserved for the Americans, and the Italians, in lesser degree.
After all, they've been celebrating a lie and an erroneus version of the events for over 500 years...

Some times the truth, can be inconvinent and hard to handle...

Watch a presentation here, while we wait for the book.

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