Saturday, December 30, 2006

Resolution 2007: Save the World

If you are one of those people always keen to start the new year with a resolution in mind, one that you eventually forget, comimg the first weekend of the year, here's a good one to try and remember the year-long. Enjoy 2007!

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

'Tis The Season!

In spirit with the season, I have decided to give a hand to Santa Claus, and help him out with some last-minute presents. Again, I do this in spirit with the season - I get NO profit out of this, whatsoever.

In this short array of gifts, some are bizarre, some are cool, others are completely useless, unless you are drunk – but they are always funny and original:

Witty Apron
For those
Turkey stains, and your guests' vomit.

T-Shirt 1

It may well save lives, one day!


T-Shirt 2

Colorfast, tumble-dry, but do not use in Japan.


Double-Face Soap
Finaly you won't have to use your partner's soap for your backside's hygiene. Special Offer too!

Toilet Lid
Your husband will never leave the seat up again.

Dubya Toilet Paper
Your vote literally down the drain.

Boyfriend-arm Pillow
That cozy shoulder, when you need it.

Insuflable Husband - Always happy to see you, in one big package.

In my immodest opinion, these are excellent ideas for gifts, and in budget!
They make a refreshing change to chocolates, colognes and saucy lady's underwear.


Have You Been Good This Year?

Saturday, December 16, 2006

The XXXmas Tale of “Father Christmas” - Santa Claus Exposed!

Anyone ever noticed that “Father” Christmas actually looks more like a grandfather, but he has no sons, no daughters, no wife?

In fact, unless he has been ordain by the Catholic Church, he is no “Father” at all.

All this evidence seems to give credit to claims that the beard old man in red is nothing but an indecent pedophile who sits little children on his lap, and never brings the presents we REALLY want…

Well, I happen to be in position to demystify that fallacy, too.

The man known as “Father Christmas” is actually a retired Coca-Cola ex-employee and a pensioner, living in Lapland (...), with a bunch of gay elves and gay reindeer – in a complete gay debauchery – there! the cat, or should I say toy, is out of the bag now: Santa is coming out of the Claus-et! He is G-A-Y!!! (Not that there's something wrong with that...)

Anyway, he wasn’t fooling anybody with that red suit, climbing down people’s chimneys in the late hours of the night…

Ps – That will teach you not to frustrate people’s dreams, you Ho, ho, homo - You never brought that doll I so much asked you for…

Signed: The Grinch

Thursday, December 07, 2006

Most Beautiful Flora


of this nature.

- If it looks like something, then it probably IS.

ART by Hermann Försterling

Friday, December 01, 2006

Fancy a Cuppa?

Today is a national holiday in Bloguistan, so I decided to treat the eventual wanderer that stumbles in here, to a short, albeight juicy and informative post, about Queen Catherine of Braganza (Catarina de Bragança) - she married Charles II of England and lived in Hampton Court.

Didn't I see you in Interview With A Vampire?

Although somewhat discrete in English history, her role is greater than what is credited to her - probably because she was QUITE catholic, at a time when that was not so fashionable, to put it mildly.

According to some, she has reportedly introduced the habit of a "cuppa" of tea, since she had been brought up drinking the infusion brought from either India or China - places where only the Portuguese were firmly present, at the time.

She also "brought" to England the steppingstone for what would be the future "Jewel of the Crown", British India - Bombay - as part of her dowry.

It is also alleged that the New York Borough of Queens, got that name in her homage... but neither the Borough nor the Queen seem to care.

A statue in her honour was to be erected in Queens, but due to a bad case of fundamentalism and Political-Correctness-gone-mad, the statue now stands in Lisbon, her birthplace..

I have other scopes you wouldn’t believe about today's world, but there is nothing like the past - comfortably stored in the auburn pages of time...

So remember Catherine, next time you have a cuppa.