Monday, October 19, 2009

Offer and Demand vs Small minded, Jealous People

I can understand harworking-people's reactions at the obscene amount of money being thrown at Ronaldo, but it's not really fair to hate the lad for it.
We do live in a system that is many times obscene, but people hardly make a fuss unless "ronaldo" comes up next to the trail of zeros.
Would this people prefer a communist system instead?

People saying that this money should go to the poor people in Africa, should be glad - this is the perfect fairy tale: boy is born poor (not that far from Africa) - boy works hard - boy gets rich. The part where everybody hates the boy, apparently never gets told...

Personaly, I'm not offended by the amount of money going to Ronaldo's pockets - just as long the pockets are not on those awful pink shorts and chav hats he tends to wear... that's a big hint when someone has wayyy too much money... but is it really their fault?
If there are some loaded oil-magnates tired of camels and dunes, who don't mind splashing the money they make from selling you petrol at inflated prices, why should you blame Ronaldo?
What would you do?

I happen to know about a lot of people who Ronaldo has helped selflessly, through the years, in Portugal and beyond.
So, like the saying goes in my country, "obscene? obscene is to steal".

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