Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Horrid Halloween - Warning! This May Traumatise You!

Two of my favourite worse things put together - crappy food and crappy people.
Just awful.

Have you ever seen 'grieving victims' so happy-go-meal?

No wonder so many people still gobble up their baloney - people stuff theemselves with crappy food all the time! But it's not alaways peoples's fault; that's what they are fed by the media and by the best advertising money can buy...

This must be two-for-one night. Two tasteless big macs for the price one. But you know that's money wasted - that's not real food, you'll be better off with a nice curry.

Friday, October 30, 2009

Adding Insult to Injury

Shameless cnts! This is bleeding outrageous!

Just stop being obnoxious - if you don't want to come clean, at least have the decency to shut the f. up!

REAL concerned parents cooperate with the Police! 

If my dog, my wallet, my friggin favourite t-shirt was missing, I'd want all the plods in the world on the case, and all the CSIs as well!
I'd gladly do a reconstruction and would make anyone else involved do it as well, at gunpoint if I had to!
Just re-open the investigation once and for all and cut the bull! See my poll on top, the people have spoken!
I do agree with one thing though - "If you stay quiet you are as guilty as those who took her". - Thanks to the Smith family, we know who took her, Gerry; and we won't stay quiet. Rest on that.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

The Satanic Book 2

Faked Abduction by Brian Johnson/Stevo

"Containing many details from the comprehensive police files, the book highlights the inconsistencies in the various alibis, the ever-changing witness accounts and the lack of police cooperation from the McCanns and their friends, the so-called Tapas 7.

The McCanns have tried to gag people from publishing the truth about the case. In 2007, despite making several public assurances to donors to their “Madeleine Fund” that they would not spend any money on lawyers, they have employed some of the most expensive law firms in Britain to intimidate and suppress those who publicly doubt their abduction story.

While researching the book, the McCanns have declined to answer important questions relating to the disappearance of their daughter.

After reading the book, decide for yourself if this was a Faked Abduction."

I can't wait to see the movie.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

The Satanic Book

"Those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it."
George Santayana had one of those "stating the obvious" moments when he engraved this famous sentence for posterity.
The problem with the obvious is that it's so on your face, that we miss it completely.

Let me refresh your memory. A few decades ago, Salman Rushdie, a rather unknown British-Indian writer, wrote a book that incensed the Islamic world. It wasn't a great book, but that's not why so many Muslims were angered by it; the book, suggestively called the Satanic Verses, offended the exacerbated sensibility of the Muslims, or so it was claimed.

To make a long story short, there was such a fury over Salman's book, that a Fatwa (sort of a summary death sentence decreed by an Islamic religious authority) was declared on him.

From that moment on, wherever he was, his life was in danger.
Since Salman Rushdy was a British citizen, and in view of the Freedom of Expression right, a value that the then British government held in the highest regard (or maybe for some other more prosaic reason), Her Majesty's Governmeny offered unconditional protection to Salmon Rushdy, exposing itself to the anger of the fundamentalists. However, the British Gov. did not bow down to the pressure, and rightly so.

Many years passed, we have the negative of that picture.
A foreign author is being demonised by some British fundamentalists, and no government is lifting a finger to uphold the once so dear Freedom of Expression...   Why?...

In Portugal, just a few days ago, one respected and well-known Poet/Politician, Manuel Alegre - who had been arrested by the Political Police in his youth, during the old regime, and later forced into exile - came out to speak in defence of Portuguese Nobel Prize Winner, Jose Saramago, whom, on his recent book "Cain", calls the Bible a "book of mischief" and God a "son-of-a-bitch"; fair enough - there was of course some controversy (he should try that with Islam), but nothing comparable to that hot Summer of 2007... and do you think Manuel Alegre or anyone else defended Gonçalo Amaral and his right of free expression? Obviously not. Why not?!

Could it be that these two governments have made a pact to perpetuate a convinient lie?
A lie to hide something that is more dangerous for them than an angry mob shouting "Death to the West", on every street, from Honslow to Islamabad? Maybe one day we'll find out.

Speaking of which, more fluff back in the news. Now we are hearing from the underworld of crime - not so much the Merseyside Sopranos, more of a Desperate Housewives of Liverpool - gangstas...

Right. It would be great to see the rat-pack direct their attentions to Morrocco again, or even better, to Algeria - maybe they will get on someone's nerves down there as well, step on a few toes, insult Islam, and a Fatwa is cast on them... inchAlá! ;D

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Uncle Am. Needs You!

As Obama says, "the time for words/games has passed".
Things are getting tough for Gonçalo Amaral, and when things get tough, the tough get going.

It's time citizens do their part and tell the powers that be, that we the people, demand a fair representation of the facts about the Madeleine disappearance, and we will stand up for our civic rights, such as free expression!

We all know that this stopped being about Madeleine, the minute her parents began marketing her missing daughter as a brand. Recent events are the living prove that this is a Marketing campaign that involves lots of money and is being anchored on the media.

Most of the success they have enjoyed so far, comes from the fact that they have been portrayed has victims, while the few brave ones, mediatic enough to stand in their way, have been singled out and labeled as "loonies", "twisted", "heartless", "disgraced", etc. the list goes on forever...

What I believe is that we need to show our strength in numbers; that we want a fair representations of the facts and we are standing up for our civic rights. If they can come up with strategies to play the media game, well, two can play that game, right?
Who's crazy enough to be with me? Join us!
You may email me with confidentiality here, as well.

Thursday, October 22, 2009


Speaking of money, those greedy, selfish, money-grabbing pillocks who are attempting to sue Gonçalo Amaral and render him penniless and silent, can SUE ME as well.
G.A. is not - but I am publicly accusing them of being LIERS and FRAUDSTERS - probably the most contemptible in History!!! The only search they're doing is for MONEY!!!

I am also straightforwardly accusing the McCanns of being responsible of whatever happened to Madeleine! This is no speculation; they have left 3 very small and defenceless children completely alone!!!

They lied to the Police; they lied to the press; they lied and continue to lie to the public!
They lie shamelessly on camera, for goodness sake, and they keep getting away with it!
"There are no evidences that Madeleine is dead, or that we are, in anyway involved in her death". LIES!

People who have gone back on their word "We will stay in Portugal until Maddeleine is found" and "will fully cooperate with the Police", contradicted themselves "Krugel, of the University of Bloemfontein,...spent four days in Praia da Luz following a request for assistance from Madeleine's parents, Kate and Gerry McCann.

'He clearly identified an area of the beach where Madeleine may have passed through or was buried,' a close friend of the McCanns said yesterday.
Krugel's report of his findings to Portuguese detectives eventually led to British officers being asked to bring in sniffer dogs to supplement the search for Madeleine. The subsequent reaction of the dogs to Kate's clothing - the so-called scent of death - led to the couple being declared formal suspects over the death of their daughter." - people who have not a shred of evidence to support an abduction whatsoever but insist on that point like there's no tomorrow... well, what credibility this sort of people have?
Why should we take their word without questioning?
Why shouldn't we trust the official report and its conclusions, gathered after months of diligences by the police and forensic forces of Britain and Portugal?
Why not re-open the investigation instead?

Isn't that what the Police is for?

I swear - If Gonçalo Amaral is forced to pay a cent to those suspects, that will be day of total discredit for Portugal. I will leave the country and move to Spain.

Ps - SLB has given a good-old drumming to Everton. The toffees proved to be too sweet for the Luz red-devils... 5 - Nill was the hefty result that put to shame the indecent marketing of Madeleine's disapearence.
Evertonians drinking in Lisbon, wearing a few t-shirts with an outdated photo,  is NOT the way to move forward. There is only one way - make the McCanns re-open the Investigation.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Offer and Demand vs Small minded, Jealous People

I can understand harworking-people's reactions at the obscene amount of money being thrown at Ronaldo, but it's not really fair to hate the lad for it.
We do live in a system that is many times obscene, but people hardly make a fuss unless "ronaldo" comes up next to the trail of zeros.
Would this people prefer a communist system instead?

People saying that this money should go to the poor people in Africa, should be glad - this is the perfect fairy tale: boy is born poor (not that far from Africa) - boy works hard - boy gets rich. The part where everybody hates the boy, apparently never gets told...

Personaly, I'm not offended by the amount of money going to Ronaldo's pockets - just as long the pockets are not on those awful pink shorts and chav hats he tends to wear... that's a big hint when someone has wayyy too much money... but is it really their fault?
If there are some loaded oil-magnates tired of camels and dunes, who don't mind splashing the money they make from selling you petrol at inflated prices, why should you blame Ronaldo?
What would you do?

I happen to know about a lot of people who Ronaldo has helped selflessly, through the years, in Portugal and beyond.
So, like the saying goes in my country, "obscene? obscene is to steal".

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Discover the Discovery of the Discoverer

Gonçalo Amaral is not the only Portuguese who is having trouble publishing his book in English - yet for diferent reasons.

A man who has dedicated 18 years of his own private time and funds, to the study of one of the most famous but yet less well known man in history, has been trying for over 3 years to publish an English version of his now two books.

Without giving out too much information that could spoil your pleasure of discovery, the books are about the Discoverer of the New World - the man known as Cristopher Colombus.

The author's name is Manuel Rosa, he was born in the Azores but has been living in the States since he was 12.
His first book, in Portuguese, was a success and is currently sold out. His second book is going to have a Spanish edition, but he's still to find a publisher willing to do an English edition.

So what's the beef?
Well, his is not a conventional history of the famous navigator that re-discovered America in 1492. His findings are actually threatning to shake the foundations of American History and everything we thought we knew about the Age of Discoveries.

Well, not everybody was that surprised - some people in Portugal had an idea of the truth - and not only scholars. Oral tradition has kept the story of the Navigator alive, around the place of his alleged birth.

The real shock, however, is reserved for the Americans, and the Italians, in lesser degree.
After all, they've been celebrating a lie and an erroneus version of the events for over 500 years...

Some times the truth, can be inconvinent and hard to handle...

Watch a presentation here, while we wait for the book.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Read Mour's Lips - Stick your tongue out to Censorship

Talk is cheap, but it's also a dear right and a sacred one, to most of us.

Someone had the excellent idea of starting a Petition to support Freedom of Expression.
This is the same as to say, Ruck you, censorship!

I think picking a photo of Gonçalo Amaral for the cover of the petition was a nice touch!

Please sign!
Recent events have demonstrated that we cannot take freedom of speech and freedom of press for granted!
Support the fundamental right to open your mouth, and roll your tongue inside, freely.
Thank you!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

"Is it because I is black?"

The world certainly is a strange place.
When things don't go your way naturally, there seems to be unnatural ways to achieve what you want.
One of the oldest strategies in history, is still pretty much alive and kicking... with a modern twist:

A man in Spain, said he's been paid a nice sum of money to cripple Ronaldo. Well, maybe not cripple, but get him seriously injured; injured enough for him to spend more time recovering than playing.

Well, nothing new there, one may think - after all, there are many rival players keen to send CR to the infirmary, if they get the chance. However, this man is not a footballer. He is not even going near a Stadium. He also does not intend on running him over or whacking Ron on the kneecaps with a baseball bat - no, not this man.

This man is a warlock, or so he claims. Thus, according to this Spanish video, he will be using a much more horrifying weapon against the Real Madrid start and current best football player in the world - a black DILDO...

I guess that's why they call it "black-magic". I'm not sure which part of  Ronaldo's body his voodoo is aiming at but this is no laughing matter - Ronaldo has been injured for a couple of weeks, played last week for 25 minutes and is out again for about 3 to 4 weeks. It seems to be working. If only the sdark sorcerer could take care of the mccs too...

UPDATE 21.10.'09

According to this, Xamans in Peru are fighting back the black magic from the Spanish warlock, with their best xamanic magic - a few photos, candels, pan-flutes, and lots os cheering for Ronaldo and jeering for the man-witch...

Who Ya Gonna Call?

If there's something strange
in your neighborhood
If there's something weird
and it don't look good
Who ya gonna call?


I ain't afraid of no McCANN
I ain't afraid of no McCANN

If you're seeing things

running through your head
Who can ya call?


McBusters make me feel good.

फुक्क यू

Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Mourinter's Haka

Gotta love the special one!