Saturday, October 24, 2009

Uncle Am. Needs You!

As Obama says, "the time for words/games has passed".
Things are getting tough for Gonçalo Amaral, and when things get tough, the tough get going.

It's time citizens do their part and tell the powers that be, that we the people, demand a fair representation of the facts about the Madeleine disappearance, and we will stand up for our civic rights, such as free expression!

We all know that this stopped being about Madeleine, the minute her parents began marketing her missing daughter as a brand. Recent events are the living prove that this is a Marketing campaign that involves lots of money and is being anchored on the media.

Most of the success they have enjoyed so far, comes from the fact that they have been portrayed has victims, while the few brave ones, mediatic enough to stand in their way, have been singled out and labeled as "loonies", "twisted", "heartless", "disgraced", etc. the list goes on forever...

What I believe is that we need to show our strength in numbers; that we want a fair representations of the facts and we are standing up for our civic rights. If they can come up with strategies to play the media game, well, two can play that game, right?
Who's crazy enough to be with me? Join us!
You may email me with confidentiality here, as well.

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