Friday, March 05, 2010

Welcome to Failtugal

Large-bottomed Thief Caught with His Pants Down - Funny bloopers are a click away

In CM Newspaper February 12, 2010 - 00h30

"Almancil: Burglar stuck in hole in supermarket

He became known as the 'stuck thief ', after having been stuck in the wall of a supermarket in Almancil, when he tried to get in through a narrow window, three months ago. The owner has not filed a complaint against him. Now, the burglar made a complaint against the trader, saying that he was attacked while he was stuck in the hole in the wall.

The 22 year-old, a Romanian national and suspect of belonging to a gang who targets establishments and homes, was eight hours stuck half inside and half outside the supermarket. When the GNR (Police) arrived he had his pants down to the knees.

The immigrant, heard in court and released, alleges that someone took off his pants and assaulted him before the arrival of the authorities. Although he did not see who was the alleged perpetrator of the assault - because he had his head inside the hole of the Supermarket Alisuper - the burglar accused the owner.

The merchant, Antonio Oliveira, thinks the "situation is hilarious" and assured CM to have a "clear conscience". Recalls that when he discovered the situation, "the boy had his trousers down and was without shoes." He called the GNR "immediately".

The complaint of the burglar was sent to the prosecutor, who will accept it or not."

Never a dull moment in the Algarve.
Some people lose a daughter, others lose their pants. What they have in common, besides losing something personal under the blue sky of Algarve? They blame and sue others for their actions.
But then again, this is a country where a Prime Minister riddled with cases where he's under suspicion gets re-elected...

Sunday, February 28, 2010

Cojones, Señor?

Some fine, informed people have the cojones to speak FREELY about Madeleine McCann.
It was about time someone debated the case, in public, openly, frankly and FREELY!
One Portuguese - Dr. Paulo Sargento and an informed Spanish panel are a breath of fresh air, after the usual torrent of fluff and McPropaganda coming out of the spineless British and Portuguese media.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

The McCx Files

The Madeleine McCann mystery and the struggle between those who want to find out and reveal the truth and those who are doing everything to stop them. The truth is out there, and here: and here: and in many places more. See for yourself - don't let anyone tell you what to believe.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Welcome to the Twilight Zone

Once again, I have to offer appologies for another embarassing cock-up performed by the Portuguese...
Last time was the re-election of 'Socrates-gate' - the number one 'suspect' in Portugal of interfering with Madeleine McCann's investigation (among other suspicions); this time, yesterdays' ignoranous decision by a Judge to uphold the BAN on Gonçalo Amaral's book and his DVD... and if that wasn't already too much, he is FORBIDDEN of EXPRESSING his views on the subject of Madeleine McCann...

How to explain that? Well, anyone who can find a good reason to ban books and stifle someone, isn't really a friend of Democracy and Free Speech, if you ask me; but nowadays, not many people give a flying-fudge about these things. Some even don't call this censorship... How to explain this?...

Anyway, the Judge based her decision NOT on what was shown in court, but on what wasn't shown... confused? Well, there you go. When you don't have a solid fundament to justify your decision, make one up!
The Judge was quoted by the Press and by the McCann's Lawyer, stating that she has read the files of the case, in full, as presented by the M.P.; and she found that G.Amaral's defense only called witneses who shared his theory... still confused?

Well, seems like this is the first case in the world where you're supposed to call witnesses that actually will not help you or even support the other contender.
Nevermind what the witnesses you called said; what the Judge cares is what the others you din't call have to say... get it now?

Not only that but the Judge also issued her own opinion, stating that as an ex-cop, G.Amaral should have kept some 'reserve' about what happened during the investigation that he was leading in 2007...
I don't think ex-cops are bound by trade-secrecy... that would also defeit the purpose of his book, which was to clear his name and provide his side of the story, because as we know, his supperiors were to 'reserved' to do so...

Did you get it now? Well, if not, take comfort that this is not a permanent ban - that will come later (just kidding but it could become dead serious if the McCanns win their coming Law Suit against G.Amaral).

While the Portuguese watch every day on the news their Prime Minister claiming his innocense and reporters complaining of herassment and pressures, they just shrug their shoulders and eat another sardine.
Over to you again, UK -  the ball is on your field... hope you can do better than us...

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Part IV - The I.D. Show

Isabel Duarte puts on a display of her own to divert attentions from what really is going on - the McCanns have no case and they know it.
See you in court on the 18th, for the verdict - I'm not the betting type, but I bet it's going to be a fine victory for G. Amaral, Justice and Free Expression!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Part III - Reporter Wiped Smirk Off of G's Face

Watch the video and you can see the change in the McCanns - in the beginning, arrogant; at the end, rattled and pissed off... and it was about friggin' time.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

McCanns outside Lisbon Court, 10th Feb (II)

McCanns outside the Lisbon Court, 10th Feb.:
Probably the words so many have been waiting ti hear from the McCanns: "'We are more than happy' to re-open the case" and "do a reconstruction". Of course, these are just words, like so many others uttered in vain by these two and their associates.
It is up to the public opinion now to make sure they keep their word.
This is the best service anyone can do to help Madeleine.

McCanns v Amaral Final Hearng 10.02.'10 (I)

Contrasting moods outside the Lisbon Court where the final allegations took place, seem to indicate the direction the verdict is going...

Saturday, February 06, 2010

1000 Days McBash

They finally made it.
It's about time they get propper recognition for their performances.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The Good, The Bad and the Will it Ever End...

Sergio Leone's 'Western Spaghetti' classics have a new, much more lame, sequel - the 'Western Sardine' Trilogy... Warning: This vid is PG Rated - Parental Guidance recommended and TALAWFPRMC - Think And Let Authorities Work Freely, Re-open Madeleine's Case.

My way of marking the 1000 days Madeleine has been missing... and the show must go on...

Friday, January 15, 2010

Amaral:"McCanns Are Getting Desperate."

Google Trans from Original.

The former coordinator of the Judicial Police, Gonçalo Amaral, responsible for investigating the disappearance of Maddie says "McCanns are getting desperate." Amaral therefore responds to accusations that the couple today said he would bring a criminal action against the former leader of the Criminal Investigation Department of the PJ in Portimão for alleged breach of confidentiality of the reproduction of material research in the book "Maddie - The Truth of lie "before the decision to file. Isabel Duarte, a lawyer for McCanns, said Friday that the action of Kate and Gerry McCann will be on "next week" after extraction of the certificate of the trial to ban the book by former Inspector of Judicial Police (PJ), taking place at Justice Palace, in Lisbon. "The McCanns are ill advised by lawyers, things are going the worst possible in court, the very British press has begun to review its position on the Maddie case and now the tactic is that of despair, forging ahead another complaint against Gonçalo Amaral to see if the girl is found " joked the former coordinator surprised by the news of a new complaint. The couple's lawyer reminded it was established at its meeting on Wednesday that the book, which it is claimed the McCanns of involvement in daughter's disappearance on 3 May 2007 in Praia da Luz, Algarve, was completed on 24 July 2008 at the publishing War and Peace, also referred to this process as well as the TVI.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Moita Flores: "Gonçalo Amaral is being soiled"

Google Trans from original.

The former PJ inspector Moita Flores said today that the trial of Gonçalo Amaral's book "Maddie - The Truth Lies", which reproduces the argument of the McCanns involvement in daughter's death, "is an attack on freedom" .

Moita Flores, heard in video conferencing as a defense witness by Gonçalo Amaral, who noted the theory of the child's death appears in the police investigation and rejected the arguments of the McCanns that dissemination of the thesis affect the investigation into the whereabouts of the child.

Stressing that "the constitutional rights can not be attacked," the former member of the Judicial Police (PJ) considered "pathetic the idea to spread the notion" may affect the establishment of facts and expressed anger "as a citizen by trying to restrict freedom of expression. "

"This is absurd and Gonçalo Amaral is being soiled. Why not just write about a case that is closed? There are so many cases like this, as the Ballet Rose or the assassination of John Kennedy, and much has been written," said the Mayor of Santarém.

Moita Flores stressed that "nobody can be prevented from thinking, regardless of whether a court order to close a case."

He added that a decision to file "is a value-judgment that a prosecutor is on a particular case" and, referring to this decision to the accused Kate and Gerry McCann, produced in mid-2008, noted that "two other judges could have reached two different conclusions. "

Asked by Isabel Duarte, a lawyer for McCanns, in this trial, Moita Flores also denied that the book of Gonçalo Amaral, the prohibition of the sale was ordered temporarily to 09 September 2009, affecting "the good name and dignity" of the English family .

"The book is a thesis. The real truth is owned by nobody," said Moita Flores, the only witness heard in the morning session on the second trial, taking place in the Courthouse in Lisbon, where the McCann family claimed the main action to protect rights, freedoms and guarantees.

In the afternoon, will be heard three defense witnesses who did not seek another: the criminologist José Manuel Anes, former official of the War & Peace Mário Lopes Sena and Tania Raposo, responsible for publishing.

In addition to Gonçalo Amaral, are covered in this case the publisher "War & Peace, TVI, which showed documentary based on the book, and the producer Valentim de Carvalho, the marketing of video-based television show.

The book "Maddie - The Truth Lies" was published in 2008 and cast the suspicion that the parents have participated in the English hiding the corpse.

The British child Madeleine McCann the disappeared on 03 May 2007 of the bedroom of an apartment in a tourist resort in Praia da Luz in the Algarve, where he was vacationing with her parents and two brothers.

As coordinator of the Criminal Investigation Department of the PJ of Portimão, Gonçalo Amaral joined the team of researchers tried to find out what happened to Madeleine.

Kerry and Kate McCann, who always maintained the position that Maddie was abducted, were made defendants in September 2007 but were eventually acquitted in July 2008 for lack of evidence to support the hypothesis advanced by the investigation of accidental death of the girl.

The prosecutor dropped the case, which can always be reopened if new consistent data about the disappearance of the child is found.

Thursday, January 07, 2010

The History of a Lie

I’ve been meaning to write this post for a long time. It’s probably my last post about this unfortunate case and I was hoping it would coincide with the end of it, but we haven’t heard the last of it yet, am afraid.

However, there is a general feeling in the air that we will see some closure to it soon. “Some” closure, because we may never really find out what really happened to Madeleine, but at least, some closure to the nonsense that surrounds it.

For now, the case is where it's supposed to be - in the hands of justice. Let's hope it serves its purpose and re-open the investigation as well.

As I promised on my last post in 2009, I will try to explain what I meant by “The Portuguese Republic is 99 years old. The Portuguese nation is nearly 900 years old”.

At first, History may not seem important to this case, or any other; but this is not your run-of-the-mill case.

Perhaps without noticing it, you have been learning more about Portuguese History you ever imagined or even wanted to.

Just think of the Carnation Revolution, invoked by G. Amaral and the freedom of expression supporters; or the exact opposite - the former dictatorship and their secret police, exhumed in 2007 by those who wanted to cast suspicion and discredit the PJ.

So History has been used, by both sides.

I do not whish to bore anyone with lengthy explanations about what happened 100 years ago; I just would like to help people understand how we come to this point, where so many people – not just the Portuguese anymore – wonder what is going on with the Portuguese judicial system (and in no smaller part, with the Portuguese State).

The reality is that we have to look back 100 years, to fully understand why the dictatorship and then the Carnation Revolution were necessary, and why everything else is what it is now.

This year, the Portuguese State is getting ready to celebrate 100 years of the Portuguese Republic. From a historical, economical, democratic and social perspective, most of it is really, really bad. Not Soviet Union bad, but close. I wonder what Russia will do when they come to the 100th Anniversary of the Soviet Revolution. At least they've reinstated the memory of the Czar and their original national flag...
But I digress.

To make a long story short, to pave the way for the republic, the nearly 800 year-old institution of the monarchy had to be removed, which the radicals did, by assassinating the King and the Crown Prince in 1908. Two years later, just when the investigation conclusions were finally about to be made public, an armed coup imposed the Republic, with Britain's blessing. And with it, came a new (dis)order, as History shows.

The files – several copies of them – all vanished within years. The last known copy was stolen from the home of the king, during his exile in Twickenham. Obviously, the case was dismissed and there were no convictions nor other responsible for the regicide, except two of the murderers, also killed at the scene of the crime.

That was the beginning of the now long tradition of "archiving" high-profile judicial cases.

The Carnation Revolution in 1974 didn’t change that, alas.

So, in this last 100 years, Portugal has lost its moral and traditional reference, and has been adrift.

It has taken on board oligarquies that use the power to protect their own. They all have an appetite for the control of information. But this could be said of many other countries…

In our defence, we could say that the Portuguese had their History re-written and decades of censorship dulled their spirit a bit; but, if anything good has come out of this Britain vs Portugal parody, it’s the many individuals who have shown the world that free speech, justice, truth and other principles, have no nationality.

My wish for this year of 2010 is that people finally wake up and remember where they come from - not 100 years ago, but much further back - and celebrate truth and justice.