Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Don't Get Mad - Get Active

The proof that this country, to some extent, doesn't deserve the slime-balls representatives it has, is in little-big gestures such as this ones:

- It all started with a comment left on a news website, where someone basically said:
"I'm done with words - if someone wants to DO something about this, here's my email address".
That message generated hundreds, later thousands of emails.
Did it sort out the problem, correct the situation? So far, no it didn't. To decide what's best for a young girl incomprehensibly uprooted from everything she knew, it's out of their hands. But they did contribute to keep the story alive and help fund a more than likely return of Alexandra.

- Just a few days ago, as I reported here, a hand-full of individuals started a movement to help and deffend Gonçalo Amaral's civic rights, against the powerful forces that have launched an unprecedented attack on our freedom of expression. As the CEOP video states, "if you stay quiet, you are just as bad as them".
Let's make some noise then. For Gonçalo, for justice and for the truth. Follow the example.

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