Thursday, November 26, 2009

10 Reasons WHY the Case Should be Re-opened


 1 - free.

 2 - the only professional, responsible, publicly scrutinised way of looking for missing persons.

 3 - the only LEGAL way in Portugal.

 4- the only way to find out what really happened to Madeleine, and validate it in court.

 5 – the only way to definitely clear the McCanns and their friends of any suspicion.

 6 – the best chance Madeleine has of being found.

 7 – the McCanns private investigation has led nowhere and has no credibility or legal authority

 8 – the McCanns ex-P.I.'s are being investigated themselves

 9 - the only way to prove (or disprove) that Gonçalo Amaral, Eddie and Keela are right.

10 – it’s a moral and civic duty, the only way to do Justice.

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