Monday, September 28, 2009

The world Deserves an Apology

Socrates and his Socialist Party have won another term - 4 more years of sham and interference in the judiciary.
Socas, as he is known, is a douche, but so is the leading opposition - therefore, it's Portugal's loss, yet again.

This is bad news for Sr. Amaral and those in general that would like to see Justice done in the Maddie case, specifically.

Nothing will change, as the socialist grip over the judiciary will continue, albeit the douche bag minister may be, hopefully, replaced.

So how could the people of Portugal re-elect a man that is under suspicion of corruption (Freeport case) and persecuting the journalists that aren't "nice" to him and his Party? A man that has bowed down to Gordon Brown and allowed foreign interference in the Madeleine case? A man that has spent more time dealing with scandals and incidents than caring for the country, which is in disarray even after he enjoyed a parlimentary majority during his 4 years of undisputed rule?

Well, the problem is that many of the Portuguese voters can't even pronounce the PM's name (Socrates); Manuela F. Leite, the leader of the largest opposition Party is something akin to John Kerry (even physically) and the Head of State is just as inept - so how can we expect people to vote for things to change?

I tell you who I would vote for, without hesitation: Goncalo Amaral.
I for one, would love to see G.Amaral run for mayor as an independent, since his Party let him down; I think he could win, but am not sure how would he balance his job with his activism in fighting for justice for Madeleine...

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