Thursday, September 10, 2009

Not OK In My Book, Mate

Gerry McCann suggested that "Portuguese people are not looking for Madeleine" because of Gonçalo Amaral's book and documentary.

Here's my reply in an open letter to the McCann.

I don't need to be told what to think. I was lucky to get to read the book, but that, Mr. McCann, did not influence me at all, because I had already made up my mind just by following the case and using common sense. I am ashamed of my country for having twice betrayed Mr. Amaral and the search for the truth. I don't need a book to see that you and your wife seem to be unquestionable and are more concerned with yourselves than with Madeleine.
What I need is to see YOUR evidence that there was an abduction. All your efforts to prove that there was an abduction are more than vague... they are contradictory and not credible - not grounded on any evidence whatsoever.
As for the evidence that Madeleine is dead - it may be insufficient to prosecute you, but it is certainly there - under "Eddie and Keela mark spots where body was" - on the case files, which are public - and that you cannot deny.

How would I feel, if I was a father of a missing child, some misinformed people always ask.

I and anyone I know, would fully cooperate with the Police Investigation and answer all their questions and do the reconstruction so vital for finding out what happened. What I would not do, is hire some rent-a-cops and harass people who happen to think differently.

I would definitely ask the re-opening of the official investigation.

I think all those police books you've been reading while you were in Praia da Luz, messed up your head.

But it's still not too late to do the right thing.

Re-open the Investigation.

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