Wednesday, September 09, 2009


Or have the ludicrous McCann?

What do you expect from a country that as a long tradition of "archiving" high-profile judicial cases?

It started in 1908 when the King and the Crown Prince were assassinated in public, right before a crowd; everybody knew who was behind the crime, who ordered it, who paid for it, etc.

And what happened to them? They became the government, after they overturned a wounded Monarchy to impose a Freemason Republic.

What happened to the judicial process? All copies disappeared after the Republican "revolution", which took polace just days from the revelation of the Investigation findings.

The last known copy was stolen from deposed King Manuel’s home, in his exile in Twikenham. A rather unusual commodity for a thief, or a rather peculiar thief. They are still around, believe it or not.

It’s up to the people to do something and put a stop to this vile people working in the background. We need to make ourselves heard loud and clear.

But first, let’s get the football out of the way.

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