Saturday, July 11, 2009


President Barack Obama has told African leaders it is time to stop blaming colonialism and "Western oppression" for the continent's manifold problems.

The world was still wondering if the presidential eyes were set on a Brasilian booty, when this other shocker hit them - Obama,
having in part African heritage, pointed out that Africans are responsible for their own destinies now, so they should drop colonial excuses and say "yes we can".

Well, that's what I've been saying to Brazilians for a long time. It's quite effective as Brazilian girls immediatetly turn around and walk off, giving me the chance to check out their booty. (I can totally understand Obama and Sarkozy - you gotta keep your eyes on the booty as the face is not the best feature...)

Thanks to ABC Network, we can all see that Obama, if he looked at the girl at all, it was more of a sly fox look, masterly done; Sarkozy, as a good Frenchman, had the "horny dog" look, also known in Europe as the "Berlusconi look".

Speaking of looks, a quick look to History reveals that Obama is completely right.
Everyone, at one time or another has been someone else's b*tch - all civilizations on Earth have had its rise and falls.
Old Egypt, Rome, Bantu etc...
Rome colonized most of Europe, many Europeans were enslaved, Romans brought many advances to these societies as well.
Later on, Europeans would use their advances to do the same on other parts of the globe. When they left, someone else took their place.
Bottom line - if it hadn't been the Romans, it would have been the Arabs, or the Chinese, or the Africans; it's basically just a question of who does what and when.
In some cases, what people really can't get over is the racial factor - it's ok that some Africans were colonising other Africans and were also involved in the slave commerce; but how dare the Europeans?
That's what Obama - a "black" man (mainly for white people), was saying.
Stop being losers, get over excuses and get your act together - this goes to many Brazilians as well.

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