Saturday, August 08, 2009

Blunder from Downunder

There has been more fluff on the media about a possible suspect in yet again the Madeleine McCann case.

I have read many things, including G.Amaral's book; all things considered, I believe the forensic evidence recovered in PDL is enough to state beyond doubt, as much as it pains me to say it, that Madeleine died that night.

Weather you accept it or not, there is no evidence of abduction; just of a cover up.

1- There is forensic evidence (haematic and corpse scent) related to a member of the Mccann clan.

2 - Credible witnesses that saw Gerry carrying Madeleine towards the beach that night.

3 - Contradictions and lack of cooperance from the parents & friends.

4 - Inadmissible political and media pressure over the investigation.

5 - A neverending list of suspects that lead nowhere but to a wild goose chase to keep the public opinion misinformed and the money running to their pockets.

6 - They are NOT the only parents to loose a child, but they are probably the only who's acctions contributed to that end.

7 - They are all about themselves. The only person going to the end of the world for Madeleine, is G.Amaral.

8- Just this week the Police released the figures of the expenses on this case - they are the lawful channel to conduct an investigation. The Mccanns can ask them to re-open the case - it's the only way they can clear themselves of any suspicion.

9 - The Mccans created a media monster that had a negative impact on the investigation; but this monster is getting out of their control and will end up devouring them.

10 - Stop discrediting the PJ. Innocent people have been sent to jail by UK's finest with less or no evidence.

As a matter of a fact, one of the English Police agents that took part in the investigation said that he had sent people to prison in the UK with less. So to claim that Amaral somehow "framed" the parents is acctually claiming that the Scotland Yard is an accessory to Mr. Amaral - a man, btw, that contrary to the Mccann, had nothing to lose; and rather than conceal is "trick", he writes a book about it...

That's why people resent the McCann. We want justice for Madeleine.

Recently I have seen something that added another piece to the puzzle.

Why did Gordon Brown get involved in this case? Why did others, not pertaining to the investigation?

I found a reference to the Masonry that could in fact explain a lot.

A secret society where men dress in aprons and get together to do anything but cooking, is always going to smell fishy to me.

Being Portuguese, I know very well how subversive they can be, as they were responsible for the Regicide in 1908 and the subsequent overturn of the Monarchy.

However, I believe not in a larger conspiracy re the Mccann affair, but more in fashion with what is suggested on the Handbook of Masonry, page 183, which I take the liberty to replicate: "You must conceal all crimes of your brother Masons...and should you be summoned as a witness against a brother Mason be always sure to shield him...It may be perjury to do this, it is true, but you're keeping your obligations."

Does it sound crazy? Well, I've seen more crazy stuff coming out with the McCann’s blessing. Why isn't the world press questioning and discrediting the Mccanns stategy of shooting in all directions, but actually getting nowhere? Their smokescreen tactics will have to backfire one day...

The difference between the so called "Team McCann" and the rest of the world (let's call it Team Justice for Madeleine), is someting akin to the difference between the middle-ages and the Renaissance. I did a little experiment, aimed at finding out why some people blindly stick with the McCann version of the story; the results are not groundbreaking, rather very much the expected - their opinions are based on the supernatural - love the one that links the desapearence of Maddie with the Apochalipse - tarot, faith, hope, and lots of misinformation.
Ultimatelly, the difference between "Team McCann" and "Team Justice for Madeleine", will be defined by the outcome of this story (if ever) - if they are right and Madeleine is alive and well (little chance), Team Justice for Madeleine will be happy for her; if Team McCann is wrong, they will have nothing to be happy about...

UPDATE 16.08.2009
Seems like the leaflets with 10 reasons suggesting Madeleine was not abducted, may have been inspired by this post ;D
I hope the McCs won't call the coppers on me too. After all, last time they seemed to be running from them...

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