Sunday, November 04, 2007

Wonder #7 Up for Grabs

There's so many competition for the last available wonder that more than 7 wonders would be necessary to honor all of them. Alas, it's not possible. I make the rules here and I say they are just 7 wonders, so that's what it is. Not because we can't trivialize these things, but because I feel like it. Read Mour's lips.

So, last but not least, the 7th and final wonder will be submitted to voting among the 2 or 3 lonesome visitors that crowd this insignificant blog.
If anyone is reading this, you can find the poll to the right of it. Take your pick - remember, you could influence or even decide which shall be the 7th wonder of Bloguistan!
Do your civic duty. The nominees are (you may add your own in the commentary box):

1. Portuguese Wine
2. Portuguese tradicional Cusine (from bread to desserts)
3. Portuguese Guitar
4. Portuguese History
5. Portuguese do it better

BTW, if you are not Portuguese, what do you associate the country with? (first thing that comes to your mind?)
I tried to find something from Portugal
recognizable in the all wide world, but in my quick survey I came to the conclusion that it all comes down to the 2 F's: football and food. I'd say the most famous Portuguese personality in the world is either Mourinho (not surprisingly, the face behind a Portuguese cork campaign) or Ronaldo, followed at some distance by Vasco da Gama.
Very little, for a country with such a decisive roll in the world history... I blame the dismal Republic for that.

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