Wednesday, November 21, 2007


The lads in checkered shirts showed England who's their daddy! Sorry, couldn't let this golden opportunity to scorn go by... :D
No teams from across the channel to yodel next summer in the Alps of European football... and as England supporters leave the stadium, the hills are alive with the sound of Mourinho's name... but the Portugueezer will not play to that tune, am afraid.
Bye, bye Mourinho? Bye, bye England. You won't be missed.

EURO2004 the "vilain" was Ricardo

WC2006 Ronaldo was Public Enemy Nr.1

EURO2008 Qualifier disgrace and shame escape-goat is Steve McClaren - just face it, you lot just ran out of excuses.

On the brightside, the usual binge drinking and bottle throwing will stay where it belongs, inside the pubs, and the Euro cup showing live, on the telly…

BTW, Portugal sucked as well, but they are in the finals. Shame about Scotland, though.

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