Saturday, December 16, 2006

The XXXmas Tale of “Father Christmas” - Santa Claus Exposed!

Anyone ever noticed that “Father” Christmas actually looks more like a grandfather, but he has no sons, no daughters, no wife?

In fact, unless he has been ordain by the Catholic Church, he is no “Father” at all.

All this evidence seems to give credit to claims that the beard old man in red is nothing but an indecent pedophile who sits little children on his lap, and never brings the presents we REALLY want…

Well, I happen to be in position to demystify that fallacy, too.

The man known as “Father Christmas” is actually a retired Coca-Cola ex-employee and a pensioner, living in Lapland (...), with a bunch of gay elves and gay reindeer – in a complete gay debauchery – there! the cat, or should I say toy, is out of the bag now: Santa is coming out of the Claus-et! He is G-A-Y!!! (Not that there's something wrong with that...)

Anyway, he wasn’t fooling anybody with that red suit, climbing down people’s chimneys in the late hours of the night…

Ps – That will teach you not to frustrate people’s dreams, you Ho, ho, homo - You never brought that doll I so much asked you for…

Signed: The Grinch

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Chad said...

You should check out Santa Claus Exposed for the real truth on this evil evil man!

Sant Claus Exposed