Saturday, December 30, 2006

Resolution 2007: Save the World

If you are one of those people always keen to start the new year with a resolution in mind, one that you eventually forget, comimg the first weekend of the year, here's a good one to try and remember the year-long. Enjoy 2007!


arsblog said...

hi ! today is the dia das mentiras. i like the choice of the layout of this blo gand i feel some curiosity about your nationality are you french? or portuguese?

Nuno C said...

Olá, nice of you to drop by. I am indeed Portuguese, but I understand your doubt, since I do flog my countrymen about some of our most uncanny traces... but you should see what I have to say about the French!
By the way, "ars"blog sounds kindda rude (I do know "ars" is Latin for ART, but still sounds funny...) ;-D