Tuesday, December 19, 2006

'Tis The Season!

In spirit with the season, I have decided to give a hand to Santa Claus, and help him out with some last-minute presents. Again, I do this in spirit with the season - I get NO profit out of this, whatsoever.

In this short array of gifts, some are bizarre, some are cool, others are completely useless, unless you are drunk – but they are always funny and original:

Witty Apron
For those
Turkey stains, and your guests' vomit.

T-Shirt 1

It may well save lives, one day!


T-Shirt 2

Colorfast, tumble-dry, but do not use in Japan.


Double-Face Soap
Finaly you won't have to use your partner's soap for your backside's hygiene. Special Offer too!

Toilet Lid
Your husband will never leave the seat up again.

Dubya Toilet Paper
Your vote literally down the drain.

Boyfriend-arm Pillow
That cozy shoulder, when you need it.

Insuflable Husband - Always happy to see you, in one big package.

In my immodest opinion, these are excellent ideas for gifts, and in budget!
They make a refreshing change to chocolates, colognes and saucy lady's underwear.


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