Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Moita Flores: "Gonçalo Amaral is being soiled"

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The former PJ inspector Moita Flores said today that the trial of Gonçalo Amaral's book "Maddie - The Truth Lies", which reproduces the argument of the McCanns involvement in daughter's death, "is an attack on freedom" .

Moita Flores, heard in video conferencing as a defense witness by Gonçalo Amaral, who noted the theory of the child's death appears in the police investigation and rejected the arguments of the McCanns that dissemination of the thesis affect the investigation into the whereabouts of the child.

Stressing that "the constitutional rights can not be attacked," the former member of the Judicial Police (PJ) considered "pathetic the idea to spread the notion" may affect the establishment of facts and expressed anger "as a citizen by trying to restrict freedom of expression. "

"This is absurd and Gonçalo Amaral is being soiled. Why not just write about a case that is closed? There are so many cases like this, as the Ballet Rose or the assassination of John Kennedy, and much has been written," said the Mayor of Santarém.

Moita Flores stressed that "nobody can be prevented from thinking, regardless of whether a court order to close a case."

He added that a decision to file "is a value-judgment that a prosecutor is on a particular case" and, referring to this decision to the accused Kate and Gerry McCann, produced in mid-2008, noted that "two other judges could have reached two different conclusions. "

Asked by Isabel Duarte, a lawyer for McCanns, in this trial, Moita Flores also denied that the book of Gonçalo Amaral, the prohibition of the sale was ordered temporarily to 09 September 2009, affecting "the good name and dignity" of the English family .

"The book is a thesis. The real truth is owned by nobody," said Moita Flores, the only witness heard in the morning session on the second trial, taking place in the Courthouse in Lisbon, where the McCann family claimed the main action to protect rights, freedoms and guarantees.

In the afternoon, will be heard three defense witnesses who did not seek another: the criminologist José Manuel Anes, former official of the War & Peace Mário Lopes Sena and Tania Raposo, responsible for publishing.

In addition to Gonçalo Amaral, are covered in this case the publisher "War & Peace, TVI, which showed documentary based on the book, and the producer Valentim de Carvalho, the marketing of video-based television show.

The book "Maddie - The Truth Lies" was published in 2008 and cast the suspicion that the parents have participated in the English hiding the corpse.

The British child Madeleine McCann the disappeared on 03 May 2007 of the bedroom of an apartment in a tourist resort in Praia da Luz in the Algarve, where he was vacationing with her parents and two brothers.

As coordinator of the Criminal Investigation Department of the PJ of Portimão, Gonçalo Amaral joined the team of researchers tried to find out what happened to Madeleine.

Kerry and Kate McCann, who always maintained the position that Maddie was abducted, were made defendants in September 2007 but were eventually acquitted in July 2008 for lack of evidence to support the hypothesis advanced by the investigation of accidental death of the girl.

The prosecutor dropped the case, which can always be reopened if new consistent data about the disappearance of the child is found.


llaaeell said...

report this comment »Gonçalo Amaral and his very loyal friend Moita Flores, committed the crime of violation of the secrecy of justice! And so, the media Moita Flores, also Autarca as Mayor of Santarém by SIC TV defamed the McCanns (morning, afternoon and evening - some commentators even raises the question whether the House had been transferred to the SIC TV ...). Well it can be said that it Moita Flores was elected as well and together with their enrichment at the expense of another's misfortune ... Without a modicum of shame, giving could not resist, with the Maddie case already filed, Moita Flores had the nerve to deny those defamatory acts when he was confronted pe it Rogério Alves in a program of SIC TV. Dishonest?

llaaeell said...

report this comment »Both say that Maddie is dead and it was committed the crime of concealment of a body! But the intellectual dishonesty of these gentlemen do not explain the contradiction of the lack of "MURDER" And thus do not affect the good name of the McCanns? And it provoked a very negative perception of the case by Portuguese people and abroad? The already called "The Manipulation of the Spirits". Your right to free expression ends where-mics my right to good name and reputation, image and the privacy private and family life (Articles 26 and 37, both from the Portuguese Constitution and article 10 of the ECHR, also The reports of the STJ is in the sense that report this comment 'of the ECHR, also, the reports of the STJ is the effect that the disclosure of a fact, even if true, may be considered defamatory. AVM book contains a few facts of the case Maddie that actually no longer in secrecy. But do not re-hurt this: Order for filing, signed by two Prosecutors: "It was not achieved any evidence that allows an average man, according to the criteria of logic, and the normal rules of experience, to formulate any conclusion lucid, sensible, serious and honest about the circumstances which saw the withdrawal of children from the apartment, nor spell, even a prognosis prognosis prognosis consistent. However, the book AVM can not contain those facts that could be considered defamatory, aggravated by reason of not proved by the authority. For example, in a case where it has been proven that A stole B, B can not come into the public cry that A is a thief or publish such fact in any rag newspaper. The prosecution against the McCanns Gonçalo Amaral, are correct and are supported by constitutional and legal.

NRC said...

See post above January 15th:
Amaral:"McCanns Are Getting Desperate

It applies to you and your incoherent blabber.
Nice try, but no soup for you...

llaaeell said...

Gonçalo Amaral coordinated the cases JOAN and MADDIE
both (finally?) missing.
Crime of torture of Leonora, the mother of JOAN,
Gonçalo Amaral was sentenced to prison, in which
sentence reads: "particularly serious in people who have aim to combat the crime”
Anticipated retirement to avoid
disciplinary punishment. However, disciplinary procedure hangs , despite being retired .
The prosecution McCanns against the Gonçalo
Amaral, are correct and are supported constitutional
and legal laws .
Gonçalo Amaral was "incompetent", or in the case
JOAN or where Madeleine (Maddie).
The Handling of the Spirits - Dr. Barra da Costa
Thus, Gonçalo Amaral was removed from the case Maddie
About this Gonçalo Amaral, the Foreign Press circulated the most shameful adjectives that in
all attended the Judicial Police.
Gonçalo Amaral also reeks of frustration, shame and revenge along with an illegal / dishonest
enrichment ( "non omne quod licet honesturn est)
Hanging procedures against Gonçalo Amaral by crime of
breach of secrecy of justice and falsification of documents
and crime de torture de John Cipriano , brother of Leonora .
Gonçalo Amaral was known to have problems
financial severe and family in the second marriage.
The closing of the case Maddie was done with a Order signed by 2 Magistrates, which reads:
"It was not achieved any evidence that
allows an average man, according to the criteria of
logic, normality and rules of experience, make any conclusion lucid, sensible, serious and
honest about the circumstances in which there was a
removing the child from the apartment, nor spell,
even, a prediction consistent.”
After all, WHO is Gonçalo Amaral?
(a question multi-disciplinary) Still BELIEVES IN GONÇALO AMARAL ???