Sunday, June 15, 2008

The Hills Are Alive With the Sound of Goaaallll!!!

...And of the news of Scolari leaving after the tournment, which is all the press is on and on about.
Damn Scolari and Chelsea, who cares, only the Brits who have nothing better to live for as, and this is always good to remind, they did not get their ticket for the Euro 2008!

Anyways, re Scolari, I won't miss him at all, and the team will get over him as well, although can't see yet who can replace him, as all Portuguese first choice managers are busy already, but we'll worry about that later - that's just why this was not the best time to bring this subject up.
Enough about that, then.

Portugal just got its odds upgraded, but I don't change a thing to what I said previously - Portugal is NOT the prime candidate to win the tournement yet, although it's now in the front 4 candidates.
They do need to improve their deffending and scoring to live up to their full potential, but like Obama says "Yes, we CAN"!!!

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