Saturday, June 07, 2008

Euro We Go Again

A few hours away from the initial whistle that will kick-off Euro2008 and Portugal's first game, the general expectations are mildly optimistic. Portugal has a few good players, including the more than likely next best world payer, C. Ronaldo, but they are a very young team and one that doesn't function so well as a group, so they are not very high on the favorites list.

Teams like Germany, France and Italy are in much better place and are the chronic candidates to final victory, although The Netherlands and Spain are quite formidable contenders, with a realistic chance to lift the Cup. I'd say Portugal comes next in line, along with perhaps Croatia.

Nevertheless, we never know with Euros won already by "outsiders" such as Denmark and Greece... so who knows, maybe this year it's Poland's turn...

Whatever happens in the end, Portugal is already the champion in the league of supporters, as the squad is always surrounded by scores of excited fans, like no other team.
Let's hope the players know how to return the same commitment and we may have a real team instead of stuck up primadonas.

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