Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Land of Confusion

Democracy and Freedom. It’s like broccoli and spinach. They’re good for you, but not everybody wants them. On the other hand, tobacco - it’s harmful, but many people don’t care. That's the beauty of Freedom and Democracy.

Many Americans have questioned themselves as why some people (namely in Iraq and Afghanistan) don’t seem to greet democracy and liberty with open arms, but rather with bullets and explosive belts.
Even if this western gift would not be wrapped in violence and coming from the hands of the “infidels”, many people in the Islamic countries would still not accept the offer of democracy and freedom lightly. Many aspects of their tradition and religion are at odds with democracy and liberty, and people could not be expected to change so considerably, from night to day. After all, in Christian Europe, this change took some 500 years to mature! That’s what good-intentioned Americans didn’t understand. Maybe if they’d pay more attention to other cultures and other countries, they could learn that democracy and liberty are not among the highest priorities everywhere in the world. It’s probably shocking to find it out like that, but when people don’t have security, food, money or a home, most likely they don’t have education either; so that’s probably why they don’t think democracy and freedom can help them to put food on the table and a roof over their heads. Then again, some people may have very little or just enough to get by, and still live happily in a state shy of democracy (and vice versa). Because whatever you selling, they ain't buying. Also, the way you come literally knocking down their doors, along with their houses, without being invited and merely supported on poor excuses, that may also inhibit the locals to adopt your democratic ways...

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