Friday, June 26, 2009

The King of Pop

My first music album was Thriller.
It was well before my teens but I was really impressed.
An older cousin of mine had Thriller and he made me terribly jelouse - he had that slick album that not only had great music even a kid could like, it had lyrics printed on it too!
Next day I asked my mom to buy it for me. I still have it today. I started learning English from it and it has been the soundtrack of my Summer holidays in the 80's till I discovered Scorpians and Dire Straights (yeah, my Summers were quite drepressing).

Anyway, I was not Michael's most die-hard fun but I didn't en joy see him called "Wacko Jacko".
As I grew older he grew wearder, but what was worse, in my view, was that his last great album was "Bad" - I was 16 if I'm not mistaken.
After that, Michael Jackson became kind of a footnote for me. I would hear about him in the news but didn't really pay a lot of attention.

Yeah, he was a guy that wasn't easy to understand but we weren't really trying as well.
When that documentary came out and Michael was taken to Court, I was acctually sorry for him. I can't say he was inocent or not ; but I do believe he was inocent at heart. Only someone so completely "inocent", naive like only children can be, could actually turn to the interviewer and say with upmost honesty that he slept with children on his bed and add something like: "wouldn't you?" like it was the most natural thing in the world to do.

In his world of Neverland it was. He may not be Peter Pan but he probably was like little King Arthur (only the pure at heart could lift the sword from the anvil)...
In our devious, dishonest adult world, no, it's not natural and cannot be tolerated; but in his "neverland" world, in his lost childhood, it may be possible that a unique person, an artist, a dreamer, a child trapped in a grown up's body, could acctually see no harm in sharing a bed with another child.
Just because we are tainted doesn't mean that everybody's like that. A burp after a good meal, is considered rude in most places; in China is expected, and rude is the guest who doesn't rip one out.

I know that Michael settled out of the Court, but probably most famous people would be advised by the lawyers to do that just to avoid the media circus.

I don't acctually know how to explain his most bizarre choices and actions. Even Bubbles probably acted more wisely than his master...
I mean, we all understand that he had a "tough" upbringing and felt lonely and misundertood, but so did thousands of people in this planet and they don't end up looking like Skeletor...

Nevertheless, he hadn't turn stiff for long and people were coldly insinuating that he did this and was that... well, this kind of malice, I don't think Michael had. But, at the end of the day, what really matters is that he will be remembered for his talent, his music , and above all, his moonwalk...
Michael Jackson, the uncontested King of Pop, has joined the other king, Elvis Presley. They have left the building but live on in their artistic legacy. RIP.

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