Saturday, February 21, 2009


Bloguistan's opinion matters as much to Hollywood as Hollywood's award-decisions to Bloguistan, therefore, without further adoo, here is Bloguistan's official-and-not-getting-paid-to-say-this list of the best films (ripped) in 2008, IMO:

1 Changeling (also Best Actress -Angelina Jolie - best director obviously Clint Eastwood)
2 Burn After Reading (best original screenplay)
3 Blindness

...really thorn between E-Wall and Kung Fu Panda... so they both win, like in the Olympics.

Other films may win the night of the Oscars but the number of ilegal downloads it's what really counts. Millions of people all over the planet can't be wrong.

There. Whatever you say its wrong and you have terrible breath. And stinky feet. Haha.

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