Thursday, January 08, 2009

Ron Survives Ferrari Crash

The year here at Bloguitan is beginning as it ended - with Ronaldo.
This time the Portuguese Stallion is in the news for smashing his Italian Stallion Ferrari.
The lad escaped without a scratch but the car, which he apparently had recently imported from Portugal, is scrap.

That won't dent Ron's budget but will hardly better his latest record of performances...

On the other hand, this is great for Ferrari - not that they ever needed endorsement - but we're talking of the best free publicity Ferrari could ask for on the safety of their cars!
We should all be so lucky as to drive a Ferrari!

Anyway, after racing a Bugati sometime ago, Ronaldo does another stunt, this time for Ferrari. At least Ron is still doing well in his advertising careear... who knows, perhaps this will mark the turning point in his season. Focus, dude!

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