Sunday, December 21, 2008


Recently this year, we had Golden Boy Cristiano Ronaldo winning a golden boot - that was certainly noteworthy and something few people expected; but now we have something that tops that by a shoe heal. Actually two.

This is something that kicks the socks out of Ron's story, because this is about the pair of shoes size 42 that were swang at George W. Bush's head in Iraq and went around the world!

The Iraqui jornalist deserves kudos for the brave move and the excellent pitch that nearly got the retiring President right between the eyes - that was a heck of a shot and any baseball fan will admit that, but W. still got some cool moves of his own and ducked the passing shoe-t... great stuff and highly entertaining. We really have to offer kudos to W. for taking the incident with humor. Shoes were not his size, lol!

There was no real danger for W., since the shoes were not loaded, but the U.S. president could have had a taste of the deadly mass destruction gas his administration were looking for after 9/11, had the jornalist managed to toss at him his stinky socks...

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