Saturday, September 15, 2007


I never though I would have to defend and praise the "pigs" (not that I'm a con, just don't like to get tickets or driving related fines)... but recently I have had to come to the rescue of a much vilified police force, that has nothing to do with parking tickets or clamping cars.

The PJ really are the good guys in the story. They are the ones we turn to, when no one else can help.

They are fallible, they are less than perfect, they have fewer resources to work than other police forces in Europe, and they probably have some bad seeds in the core. "Toss the proverbial stone".

Having said that, Portugal is one of Western Europe's safest countries and the Portuguese police has a good reputation among their European counterparts. All this can be checked. Please do.

We are used to do a lot with very few, as our former global empire attests.

Eventually, all came to nothing; we have but memories of the times of yore - however! one thing all Portuguese did not loose is their PRIDE, and no way you can't take that away from us. Ask C Ronaldo. He may be booed and jeered, but you can't break him and in the end he comes on top.

All the unfair accusations against the PJ are coming from people leaning towards the "suspects", dishonestly ignoring the joint investigation with the Scotland Yard, the tests done in the Birmingham labs, the dogs and whatnot.

These critics are the same people who excommunicate others for jumping ahead to conclusions and who scream out loud "the parents are presumed innocent". Well, the same goes for the Police. And the Portuguese law system, that is indeed, quite foreign to you.

Get this once and for all - if the PJ has or not concrete evidence, they would never come out and say it before the investigation is through! I have my theories as why this case is "leaking" more than usual, but I will not speculate about it.

I know it's hard, many people are sharpening their knives already, but wait for the end of the investigation to see which you can lynch: the Police or the culprits (if any).

One thing, is certain though - don't think that you, no matter who you are, don't think you have the exclusive of feeling for Madeleine, because we all do, including the men and women, parents or not, that are part of the Anglo-Portuguese Police. And anyone who truly wants to find the truth about Madeleine, has to side with the investigation and support it to the end. We are all suspects; no one is above suspicion, in the eays of the law.

The amount of pressure, criticism, speculation and media hype would probably be almost unbearable for one of us. Imagine having a constant shrill over your head all the time, people knocking your work constantly without having even the faintest idea of who you are or what you are doing… and still, you are there to help...

So, to cut short what could be a longer post, stand in equity and support the official investigation, because those professionals, always under fire, have shown to have huge,

massive B A L L S, taking the investigation where the evidence was leading them, no matter what the pressure and backlash might have been.

I hope they will be given some leeway, for the sake of the investigation.

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