Saturday, August 04, 2007

#3 "M" for Mourinho

I can't stress enough the importance of the role Portugal played in History and its influence in the world. Despite all of this, Portugal is still pretty much the remote relative that we all heard about, but never met. Part of the explanation for such, is that we hardly publicize or gloat about our own good stuff, "what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas" The remaining part of the explanation, evidently, is that other countries take credit for stuff we did (eg. “Port Wine” made in Spain, discovery of Australia, etc.). We have a clear marketing issue to sort out.

So when you think of Portugal, what do you immediately think of? Wine, sunny beaches, the mean, lean, winning machine, called José Mourinho?

Although C. Ronaldo is tenderly nicknamed by the Portuguese "soccer" fans as "boy-wonder", the Portuguese manager once again takes a title - the 3rd wonder of Portugal is in fact, the 1st wonder out of Portuguese football. Not so much because of his undeniable trainer skills, but because he is probably the only Portuguese man who publicly defends his own and gloats to the verge of madness about his conquests and those of his group.

Granted, he often lacks sportsmanship and blabbers too much; but it's exactly that which makes him so different from his countrymen, therefore, such a damn good model for his nation - a marketing genius! Not a bad leader of man, and a damn excellent coach too...

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