Saturday, July 14, 2007

#1 First Portuguese Sports Car

As promised, here is Wonder number one:

Vinci Gt, the first ever sports car completely made in Portugal, except for the motor.
The people who crafted the car, probably felt it would sell better worldwide if it had a familiar, international name - like "Vinci".

I have only the utmost respect and admiration for the Renaissance genius, probably the greatest genius ever, but just perhaps, "Gama" would be a good name too - not only is known internationally as well, it also has "Da" before the name...

No wonder then, that the world thinks our navigators are Spanish, Italian, etc.
Fears that consumers abroad would frown at a Portuguese made car, are justified. The car failed to start during its official presentation... making Da Vinci look bad.
But when it runs, that puppy can really go: 300 km/ph of pure

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