Sunday, April 01, 2007

And Now For Something Different

There are certainly better causes to dedicate a day to, than April's Fools day. Mark Twain said something like "It's a day to remind us of what we are the rest of the year". I kindda understand days like Mother's Day, Christmas or even Valentine's, because, let's be honest, we are really not that nice during the rest of the year, so we take a day off to be "good" and kind for at least a day... but why make a special occasion of something most people really are, not only in April but on a daily basis?

Well, after half a minute of consideration, I came to the conclusion that I was indeed a fool to waste my time with that, so I went back to watching TV. As usual, the magical box had the answer - this is actually the Day of Hoaxes (in Portuguese, it's called officially the "Day of Lies" or bullshxt), so upon watching the news, I understood that this day is really dedicated to Politicians, some lawyers, ebay/Paypal and all scamsters, in general.
I get it now.

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arsblog said...

hi today is the fools day...i've reed your post i dont question it anymore.
I like a lot the layout of this blog you have a damn good taste!