Saturday, November 18, 2006

CSI - Colombus Secret Identity

Recovered from BLOG4DABOYZ
Recently, something we took for granted and that we were still teaching in Schools just a couple of months ago, all over the world, has been demystified - Pluto is no longer among the great planets of the galaxy, having been demoted to an embarrasing 2nd rank, as a dwarf planet.
What happened to Pluto, makes one think what other subjects could be reevaluated, at the light of science and knowledge today. However, that is not so easy as it sounds, for many a pompous scientist, professor, State or whatever, endorses or investes on the status quo and perpetuates the official version of the truth. If any old Indiana Jones attempts to dig deeper and rescue some secrets from the grave, he is going to meet with a lot of resistance and even conspiracy, in an attempt to cover up the new data…
You are still a bit skeptic, right now – great, that’s the spirit, if you really want to uncover the truth and separate the facts from the fantasies. One of the greatest shams ever accomplished, is that of the founder of America, the man some intentionally or by mistake called, Christopher Colombus. Historians have had more doubts than certainties about this figure, but despite the lack of evidence, many sold their version of the navigator – sold is really the word to remember here…So, if you never heard anything about a Portuguese “Colombus” or about the ongoing DNA tests, but would like to find out, then follow the

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